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The Cardenal José María Caro Home assists children affected by mistreatment, neglect and abuse. It began its activities on March 24, 20 years ago.

Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez believed in and took an interest in this work, donating a 5,000 square meter plot of land in the La Pintana district, to which was added another plot of land acquired thanks to the collaboration of private individuals.

With legal status and support from Sename, the Home currently has 40 children, who are distributed in four houses and are cared for by aunts who act as "moms", taking care of educating and training them, which is complemented with personalized medical and psychological care.

The charity mission includes the recovery of the parents' emotional, psychological and material dignity in order to reintegrate their children back into their homes. This is a great challenge and means a very high economic cost, which is not covered by the contribution of Sename.

Novoacia supports the Cardenal José María Caro Home. Additionally, Novoacia employees have also wanted to be promoters of this initiative by giving the children Christmas gifts and help with school supplies, cleaning supplies and others.

If your company wants to collaborate with this social work, please contact us.